Welcome to our virtual survey around creating a shopper membership with Fertile Underground!  We have built our reputation by being open to the public, purveying fresh vegetables and natural groceries for over 1/4 decade. Now, we invite you to join our efforts through forming a consumer cooperative!
This would make Fertile Underground one of a few new hybrid models of worker/consumer food cooperatives.  Let's explore the possibilities...
let's begin
The prime value I seek in a shoppers membership
with Fertile Underground is ...

The dollar amount I would choose for a full membership share is...

How deep will we go? This is the amount each member contributes to join, which becomes a resource available to achieve the objectives.
What amount of time could you volunteer
to fulfill Cooperative requirement?

This could be in store at the register or grocery back, or freestyle with promotions, copy-writing, coordination, events, teaching, or anything else which would enrich the cooperative. 
Remember, this chosen requirement will be true for all members. The more we contribute, the better service we will enjoy.

Would you plan to attend quarterly meetings of the Cooperative? *

My level of excitement around joining at the ground level creation of a new model for a cooperative community grocery store is:

Are there any things that specially grab your interest and engagement? Are there ways you would like to contribute?
If so, please tell us!

Do you have any ideas formed that you would propose to the membership base at a founding meeting? If so, please share here.

We plan to hold a first meeting for prospective members, where we approve a set of bylaws, offer and buy shares, and begin our existence as a cooperative group.  We hope a few members will bring forward proposals for actions the new cooperative could take to achieve collective goals.
A summary here can let us connect you to anyone else who may be working on a similar idea.
Thanks!  We are happy to be reaching out and stepping into a collaborative process with you.  We've had a great time serving our customer base and feel this will create a deeper connection.

We can bring the Cooperative movement in Rhode Island
to a higher level. Your engagement is what will make this be.
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